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IRAQ: Silent Death


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Silent Death documents mass murder by the use of banned Uranium weapons. The spread of genetic disorders is among the most heinous and criminal forms of modern warfare. Its ever lasting impact on humans is inherently genocidal. Such weapons have since 1991 been used in Iraq, Afghanistan, the Balkans and Lebanon.

Part I: Silent Death: US-UK Secret Nuclear War as Depopulation Policy
. Hidden Genocide: Environmental Racism in the Nuclear Age - Ernest J Sternglass
. Uranium Weapons: A Depleted Science - Chris C Busby
. Depleted Uranium and the 'Liberation" of Iraq: A Report from Hiroshima - Christian P Scherrer
. Depleted Uranium Situation Worsens, Requiring Immediate Action - Douglas Rokke
. Horrific Impact of Sanctions and US Secret Nuclear War - Christian P Scherrer
. Modelling Radiological Pollution through Environmental Pathways to the Human Body: A Case Study from Iraq - Souad N al-Azzawi and Amir Naji al-Na'emi
. Lives Broken by Uranium Weapons: The Case of Gerald Mathews and the Lies and Crimes of the Bush Administration - Gerald and Janise Mathews

Part II: Cover-Ups of the Secret Dirty War
. Dirty Uranium Weapons Cover-Ups – Piotr Bein
. Lost in Translation: Science, Dishonesty and the Science/Policy Interface – Chris C Busby
. Cover-Upp and Third Generation Uranium Weapons Developments-Sources, Events, and Trends – Dai Williams
. From Hiroshima to Iraq - Uranium Wars: A Suicidal, Genocidal, and Omnicidal Course – Leuren Moret

Part III: Different Forms of Aggression and Resistance
. War, Sanctions, and Industrial Destruction: “They just Cut the Country Off' - Interview with Denis J Halliday

Part IV: Remedies by the International Community: The Struggle for Accountability
. Non-Violent Direct Action and the Long War against Iraq: A Discussion of Peace Movement Efforts to defy US Government Attacks against Iraqi Civilians – Kathy Kelly
. Strategies of the Weak? Contesting Empire’s Law through Litigation under International Humanitarian Law – Amy Bartholomew
. Findings of the International Criminal Tribunal for Afghanistan – Niloufer Bhagwat J
. The US-UK Aggression versus Iraq: Perspectives for Accountability – Christian P Scherrer

Editor: Christian P Scherrer  | USM Press  | 2011

ISBN: 978-983-861-504-4

636 pages – black & white

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