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Striving For Change


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Foreword by Karim Raslan

1.     Political Contestations and Commentaries
    .    The "Political Tsunami" Explained
    .    Manekk Urai - The many implications
    .     Hulu Selangor - In Search of A Vibrant Democracy
    .    After Kerdau - Merlimau, reform or revolt!
    .    What 1-Malaysia? Not Even 1 Perak
    .    Of Teoh's tragic death and 1 Malaysia
    .    Mr. 1 Malaysia Prime Minister (An Open Letter)
    .    Najib's 1-year Tenure - 'Trying to be all things to all peoples'    
    .    The Malaysian DNA Conundrum - MPF
    .    The General Election is in July,, Folks!

2.    Economic Malaise and Solutions
    .    The Economy Sir, Please
    .    Maiden Budget - Long on Rhetoric and Short on the Specific
    .     A Stagnant Decade - For how much longer?
    .    We need "Painful"Economic Reforms, Not GST
    .    Najib's Penchant for Flip-Flopping More Pronounced Now
    .    Battle Over Selangor's Water Continues Unabated
    .    Wither the Malaysian Economy
    .    The Malaysian Economy: A misplaced optimism
    .    ETP: Game-Changer, not talker, needed
    .    Is Budget 2011 Najibonomics?
    .    Najib Pulling the Wool Over Rakyatsi Eyes Again
    .    Of Property Overhang and Mounting Household Debt
    .    Holistic Model the Best Way to Solve Selangor Water Impasse
    .    Avoiding the Pitfalls of Expediting Home Ownership
    .    Don't blow your trumpet yet about FDI
    .    "Scandalous" EMU Procurement Expose
    .    EMU Buy to Proceed Despite Alleged Irregularities
    .    EMU train ready, MACC still lingering
    .    MP Resurrects Controversial RM1.8bil KTMB Deal
    .    Tough Task Ahead for Malaysiais Talent Corporations
    .    It's the Budget, Sir!

3.    Social Religious Divides and Hope
    .    PAS and the controversy on usage of 'Allah'
    .    PAS' ulama stance on 'Allah': 2 sides of the same coin?
    .    Has The Law Truly Become an Ass?
    .    Patriotism Revisited
    .    The Religious Pluralism Debate: A Critique
    .    "To Shake or Not To Shake Hands"...Is That The Question?
    .    Rantings Over the Great Hudud Debate
    .    Arab Spring and Post-Islamism?

4.    Conversations & Interviews
    .    PAS's New Politics
    .    Do you think Malaysia should be a secular or an Islamic state? Why?
    .    An Academician in Politicianis Clothing - On the subject of Moral Policing
    .    Coming out of the "Comfort Zone" - In Conversation with Dzulkefly Ahmad
    .    Malaysian Islamic Movement PAS on the path to paper
    .    Why PAS needs more of Dr Dzuls

5.    Striving for Change
    .    The New Politics
    .    The Future Is Here
    .    The Lone Voice of Genuine Reform
    .    The Rise and Rise of Pakatan
    .    Awaiting Malaysia's 'New Baby'
    .    BERSIH 2.0 and the Prime Minister
    .    Malaysia Coming of Age, at Last! Really?
    .    Is Najib in a tail-spin?
    .    Is Umno or Najib in need of a Game-Changer?
    .    Debunking the Politics of Fear
    .    What the 901 verdict really proved

Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad
Currently MP for Kuala Selangor, member of CWC of PAS. Executive Director of it's Research Centre and member of it's  Central Political Bureau. A toxicologist by training, he left academia in 1977 and had a short in Islamic finance, before joining a fund management group and active politics in 1999.

Published by: Unit Buku Harakah
289 pages (black & white)
ISBN 978-983-3172-39-9

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