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IRAQ: Genocide by Sanctions


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Genocide by Sanctions explores the criminal abuse of UN sanctions. Evidence of a planned and systematically created giant infanticide is uncovered. US bombing in 1991 destroyed Iraq's water purification, sewages, and electricity plants to run them. The ensuing mass death of Iraqi babies and children was measured by experts who are among the authors.

PART I . Criminal Abuse of UN Sanctions

. US-UK Engineered Genoride by Sanctions against Iraq 1990-2003 and Its Ongoing Deadly Legacy - Christian P Scherrer
. When No Amount of Evidence is Enough: Ways to End Newly Legitimated Atrocities such as the Denial of Safe Water and Other Tortures of 'Democracies" - Thomas J Nagy
. Iraq Sanctions: What Options Did the UN Security Council Have? - Hans-C von Sponeck
. Sanctions against Iraq: "They Just Cut the Country Off' - Interview with Denis J Halliday
. The Adverse Consequences of Economic Sanctions on the Enjoyment of Human Rights - Marc Bossuyt

PART II . Infanticide: Counting the Dead Children

. Sanctions and Nutritional Health in Iraq - Peter L Pellett
. Excess Mortality in Iraq during Sanctions - Richard Garfield
. Annual Mortality Rates and Excess Deaths of Children Under-Five in Iraq, 1991-1998 - Mohamed M Ali, John Blacker, and Gareth Jones

PART III . Genocide: The Consequences of Sanctions

. Multiple Impacts of Sanctions, Depleted Uranium Contamination and Other Weapons on Population and Environment in Iraq - Souad N Al-Azzawi
. Civilisational Genocide - Hana Abdul Ilah Al Bayaty
. US Genocide in Iraq - Ian Douglas, Hama Al Bayaty, and Abdul Ilah Albayaty

PART IV . Reflections on Genocide and Other Injustices in the Middle East

. On Genoride - Jean-Paul Sartre
. Letter to Louise Arbour, UN High Commisioner for Human Rights, on the Human Rights Violations in Iraq - Hans-C Von Sponeck and Denis J Halliday
. the "War on Terror" and the Torture Regime - Adam Jones
. Not in My Name - Cynthia McKinney
. Palestine: The Assault on Health and Other Crimes - Derek Summerfield

PART V . Remedies by the International Community and by the Iraqis Themselves

. The UN and the Prevention of Genocide - Juan E Mendez
. Debate with Juan E Mendez on his Experience as UN Special Adviser for the Prevention of Genocide
. After Iraq - Reforming UN Sanctions: Targeting Criminal Regimes, Not Civillians Minimum Requirements - Hans - C von Sponeck

Editor: Christian P Scherrer | USM Press | 2011
688 pages - black & white
ISBN: 978-983-861-503-7

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